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A revolutionary, modular vehicle platform for

People Movers.Cargo Movers.Testing Platforms.Automation Projects.

100% Electric


Compact Design

Sensing Options



Supercharge your EV vehicle development with the Fahrplattform®.

With years of development, Fahrplattform® is the fastest way to bring your electric vehicle ideas to life. Developed in accordance with ISO 26262 and applicable vehicle standards, Fahrplattform® is road-legal today with various layers of redundancy in steering and braking systems. This enables you to create impactful applications without the overhead.


Are you ready to develop tomorrow’s mobility?

Let’s talk facts.

Fahrplattform® A revolutionary, modular vehicle platform.

  • Dimensions(W/L) 1825mm x 4949mm
  • Velocity 25km/h (optional: 49 km/h)
  • Suspension Air Suspension (Front/Rear)
  • Range 150km
  • Braking System Disk Brakes (Front/Rear)
  • Safety Braking System Electromechanical Brake
  • Optional Sensors Radar, Cameras, Ultrasonic

Let’s talk about your project.

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